Keynote Speaker

Janne Kyttanen

What The Future Venture Capital, Los Angeles - Amsterdam - Barcelona - Goa

Janne Kyttanen - Keynote Speaker DDMC2020

With his revolutionary work in 3D printing design as well as creating and implementing forward thinking solutions to maximize the industry growth across a variety of businesses, Janne is known as the “3D Guy”. Janne’s designs have been featured in TIME Magazine’s ‘Design 100’, the people and ideas behind the world’s most influential design. And his work has been extensively exhibited and integrated into permanent design collections at leading galleries and museums around the world including MOMA, MAD and the Vitra Design Museum.

In 2016, Janne co-founded ‘What the Future Venture Capital’ (WTFVC). A different type of VC focused on designing startups at the speed of designing new products. The founders of WTFVC see infinite potential at the crossroads of different technologies such nanotechnology, 3D printing, biotech, virtual reality, and machine learning. They believe that the future magic is in the middle of these crossroads.

Janne is a non-linear creative thinker and a multidisciplinary networker. Janne is on a mission to empower others to leverage 3D printing through creative and innovative ways in order to augment manufacturing industries.

Reach out to Janne for expert 3D consulting, visionary 3D content, 3D education and investments in 3D tech.