Big Five Award for Frank Palm

Frank Palm

Airbus Central Research & Technology

Frank Palm is a Senior Expert on welding & additive manufacturing (metallic materials) at Airbus Central Research & Technology, formerly EADS Innovation Works.

He initially trained as a toolmaker and graduated from the Technical University Munich (TUM) as a Mechanical Engineer in 1989.

For more than 20 years Frank Palm has been active in the research of welding and has held various positions in the German Welding Society (DVS). He has also acted as a surveyor/reviewer for publicly funded research proposals/projects for the German Ministry of Commerce (BMWi).  

Since the 1990s Frank Palm has initiated more than 30 inventions and Airbus-related patents and together with Airbus he currently holds more than 15 patents in the area of additive manufacturing, metallics (material science) and aviation technology.


Frank Palm of Airbus Innovation is presented with the "Big Five Award" for the Development of "Scalmalloy", on Thursday, 19/Mar/2020