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Instructions for Authors

DDMC 2020 employs a double blind review process for the full paper, meaning that neither the authors’ nor the reviewers’ identities are revealed.

The template for your DDMC paper can be found on our website at

Prepare your paper using this template and following the instructions given. Please make sure your contribution does not exceed the required length of six pages.

For the double blind review process please prepare your paper in a way that preserves anonymity of the authors (do not put your names under the title, avoid using phrases such as “our previous work” when referring to earlier publications by the authors, remove information that may identify the authors in the acknowledgments (e.g., co-workers and grant IDs).

Step-by-step guide to uploading your paper:

  1. Enter your account in the DDMC 2020 online conference system:
  2.  Click on “Your Submissions”.
  3. Click on the highlighted "Upload Contribution" next to the DDMC Full Paper and follow instructions.
  4. Upload the anonymized pdf-file onto the website.
  5. The paper for review has to be uploaded onto the DDMC website by October 15, 2019, you may update the uploaded file at any time until then.
  6. If there have been any changes concerning the co-authors of your paper, please make sure to update this information under "Edit Contribution Details".

Once the review process is finished and authors have been informed about the review results we will ask you to upload a camera-ready copy of your paper with the included author names, institutions, and acknowledgments. This allows you to incorporate the reviewers' suggestions for improvement of your paper (if any) before publication.


The deadline for the final upload of your paper (both pdf and doc format) is January 15, 2020.

In case of questions don’t hesitate to contact our conference office at


Please download the template for your DDMC 2020 full paper here

Instructions for Authors: Download PDF(.pdf/162 KB)

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